Your Development Partner

B & S enables implementation of all filter solutions in terms of size, geometry and function – tailored to individual customer specifications. This is possible due to the consistent vertical manufacturing range throughout the company: the in-house technical centre is fully equipped for constructing prototypes, devices and tools. Here, each filter is designed according to the key criteria such as requirements, functionality and production costs. Technical feasibility is tested in the technical centre under simulated real-life conditions.

The product is optimised when series manufacturing begins.

The media boutique offers the customer an outstanding selection of standard and premium materials which meets the requirement for standards such as ASHRAE, EUROVENT, CEN and ISO (EN 779:2012; EN 1822). The selection of the appropriate media in advance is an essential foundation for filter design.

B & S will gladly advise you in this.

The company's development team is consistently successful in finding innovative technology solutions that help to optimise processes and products.

The known base technologies such as edge banding and joining technology are supplemented with new adhesion technologies using alternative materials. The result: the filter is lighter and sturdier, filtration efficiency is enhanced.

An optimal, sustainable production.

Extremely flexible filters for installation in hard-to-reach locations can be positioned correctly with minimal effort, and also create a complete seal at the same time. A variety of different sealing systems (adhesive or foamed) with userspecified materials enhances to perfect filter solutions.

Customers will appreciate the shorter installation times and perfect fit of the filters.

Our range includes, for example, special modular or sandwich filters, oversize filters, special shapes with diagonal and round cuts, as well as their use in easy, installation-friendly or water-resistant applications. Our technical centre constructs prototypes and prepares small-volume production runs in short time.

B & S is looking to the future and in tune with the latest developments in the filter industry.